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Mind Your Attitude!

02/04/2015 07:40PM

By Stephen Pead - Director, Sales Solutions

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesperson, not the attitude of the prospect”. This statement comes from American author W. Clement Stone who emphasised using a "positive mental attitude" to succeed.

In my sales training business I get to travel to many parts of the world and work with sales people and business owners in such diverse markets as Mumbai, Johannesburg, Auckland and Nairobi as well as right here in Sydney. As a result I also get to hear how sales people are making a difference to their customer’s lives.

According to many businesses the pressure is on. They tell me it’s all about hitting or exceeding budgets and targets, while others say the market is tough or it’s not like it used to be; people are simply not buying. The excuses seem to go on and on. From a sales perspective much of this is not really true. I believe that if you offer and demonstrate value, are committed to your customers, work to find and satisfy their needs and really provide great service they will buy off you.

The money is still there

The truth is that the “money” is always there, it may be less for some who can’t deliver on their promises, but it’s always there, sometimes it just moves around. It might move from one business to another, but business growth is still there, the opportunities still exist. It’s just a matter of proactive sales people getting out there and exploring the options, finding
those opportunities. 

No doubt the sales paradigm has changed. Truly effective sales people have to do things differently; they need to think about how their clients perceive their product or service; how their prospective customers will use their product or service; how to effectively connect with those customers.

Real success is based on attitude

Many of the successful sales people I work with have come to terms with this changing market. The ones that are doing really well constantly refresh their skills and train themselves on a regular basis, usually once a week. Additionally they have a keen eye on competitive activity and observe specific industry nuances. They are always looking for the
opportunity that will help their clients.

In any business real success is based on attitude. If a sales person meets with a prospect and doesn’t know their product or service what happens? The prospect loses confidence in the sales person. Then if the sales person doesn’t develop rapport with the prospect what happens? They lose even more confidence. Finally, what if the sales person can’t (or won’t)
find the prospect’s real needs; now what happens? Nothing! Not a thing. No sale!

Product knowledge, demonstrating value, building rapport and solid relationships, finding real (not perceived) needs all combine to form an “invisible benefit”. The benefit that gives the salesperson the “right attitude” and it rubs off. They get confident, and the prospects or clients can feel that confidence and then repay it.

Remember what W. Clement Stone said about attitude?


About the author:
Stephen Pead has significant experience in sales, sales management and general management. His company Sales Solutions specialises in providing training and coaching for salespeople and sales managers.